The Not So Glamorous Side of Traveling

Over the past 10 months I have been fortunate enough to do a LOT of traveling. And while traveling is AMAZING, it’s not always as glamorous as it seems. In fact, on my trip to Egypt I experienced something awful…Bed Bugs. While bed bugs are quite common in hot desert areas and are normally easy to rid, in our situation we had no idea what do, and no online information to guide us. So today I wanted to  give you a cautionary tale and some tips to avoid this common traveler occurrence, and explain how we handled the problem and made sure we only took memories and souvenirs home from vacation!

A One Shoulder Sweater
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Jumped into Spring!

FINALLY!!! It’s starting to warm up here in Bochum. It was exciting to come home from Egypt to sunny days.…

view of the Giza necropolis complex

Egypt Travel Diary: Giza

Yesterday I shared my Egypt Travel Guide, with general information on traveling to Egypt! Today I want to share my thoughts on Egypt’s #1 destination…Giza,…

View of the pyramids and camels at Giza Necropolis

Egypt Travel Diary

Normally my travel diaries consist of a recap of my travels with a photo diary. But to recap my experience in Egypt…